Kia Lease Return Center


We accept all lease returns even if you have purchased elsewhere.

Kia Finance has provided leases to millions of Kia drivers. Through servicing so many customers and their cars, we've come to precisely understand what's required to efficiently close a lease. From that, we created this lease-end overview with all the information and resources you'll need, including:

* The steps to getting a new Kia or keeping your current one * A simple to-do list to follow if you choose to turn in your vehicle * Our dynamic Self-Assessment tool which makes identifying potential excess wear and use charges a snap

To remind you of when you need to take action, we'll mail you a Lease-End Kit four months before your contract maturity date. Or you can download a print-friendly version.

So, how will you wrap up your lease?

You have a big decision ahead: whether to drive off in a new Kia, buy your current leased vehicle, or just return it. Whatever you choose, we'll be with you all along the way.


First, explore the newest models by visiting our Jenkins Kia of Crystal River. Then, build out and price your perfect Kia. Next, schedule a test drive with us, where you can also see if you're eligible to save money with a Loyalty Reward. From there, complete each of the steps below to close out your lease.


These are the things you should do during the last couple months of your lease to be best prepared to turn in your Kia:

* Identify any potential excess wear and use through a Self-Assessment

* Make necessary repairs to avoid any excess wear and use charges

* Get specific details on your options by calling us at 844-502-1943.

* Visit the KMF Advantage page to see the benefits of leasing again or purchasing with us

* Schedule a Turn-In Appointment at your Kia Dealer

* Lease end to-do list



Before returning your vehicle, identify excess wear and use and get an estimate of potential charges with our easy-to-use process.

Start Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment provides estimate only and is not binding. Final wear and use charges will be determined through a formal inspection after vehicle turn-in. Estimates do not reflect state sales tax.


Just before your Turn-In Appointment, you should:

* Clean your vehicle inside and out

* Remove any garage door remotes and toll tags

* Fill out and sign an Odometer Disclosure Statement then fax completed statement to (972) 590-3968

* Make sure all equipment originally provided with the vehicle is present, including but not limited to:

* Keys & keyless remotes

* Owner's manual

* Headrests

* Cargo covers/nets (if applicable)

* License plates (check with DMV to determine plate return requirements)

* Odometer/Mileage Disclosure Statement



Visit or call Jenkins Kia of Crystal River

Call a Lease-End Advisor 844-502-1943

Lease End Self-Assessment

To continue the journey in your leased vehicle, just purchase it. We make it quite easy. Choose from three ways.

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